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Growing up I had a clear path to obtaining a college athletic scholarship but I did not plan a career path beyond that.  My dedication was to academics in high school in order for me to achieve an athletic scholarship.  Grades matter as much as practice mattered.  Once I was in college I chose to major in Biology.  This major provided me the flexibility and I enjoyed science.  I thought about athletic training/physical therapy and after experiencing an injury, I drifted away from those thoughts and really enjoyed the laboratory setting.  I started with karyotyping and chromosomal analysis, from there, I moved into private industry working at a start-up company because on venture funding where I worked on a stroke model, regulatory model and screened chromosome 22, Huntington’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease and I found the crime laboratory, where I work as a forensic DNA analyst.

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Government & Public Administration, Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

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