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Ms. C.S. Bell, Law Enforcement/State-level Public Safety/ Administration

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April 2006 to Present SBI Special Agent III C.S. Bell has managed various major crime scene investigations including homicides, arson, applicant backgrounds, sensitive special investigations, police-involved shootings, excessive force and death in custody investigations: including directing local personnel at crime scenes, managing responsibilities and duties of assisting SBI agents and coordinating activities with local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel during significant crime scenes. C.S. Bell is a member of the diversity committee for the NCSBI, whose vision is to make the agency more reflective of its community.

C.S. Bell has advocated the agency recruitment of military personnel for nine years and has mentored NCSBI interns for 13 years to develop the agents of tomorrow, today. C.S. Bell became the district's subject matter expert on developing investigative leads on criminal cases by evaluating the crime scenes in the cases and the evidence collected. C.S. Bell was such an intricate part in assisting in solving the cases without suspects that she was the second woman and only African-American to receive the David Keller Agent of the year award after being an agent for only four years. C.S. Bell obtained her general instructor certification in November of 2011 and, in 2014, was the 1st law enforcement officer in the state of North Carolina to receive the Dr. William Bass award for outstanding achievement in the area of forensic investigations.


B.A. in History- University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW)

M.S. in Criminal Justice - Forensic Science [] Saint Leo University

Law Enforcement Education:

November 2005 Basic Law Enforcement Training

January 2015 Intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate

May 2015 Advanced Law Enforcement Certificate

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Career Cluster

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

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High School



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