Students@Work 2022 – Commercial Drone Delivery Pilot

PROVIDED BY: Causey Aviation Unmanned


Causey Aviation Unmanned is currently operating a drone delivery service in three locations in NC:  Holly Springs - Wake County, Fayetteville - Cumberland County and Raeford- Hoke County.

Causey Aviation Unmanned operates a drone designed and manufactured by FlyTrex.  Items being delivered via drone are mostly consumer goods from a variety of local vendors.  As the operator we provide the crew which consists of a Remote Pilot in Command and a Visual Observer.  Additional members of our daily operations team include "runners" which are responsible for retrieving the goods from the vendor and bringing them back to the distribution center.

With the growing presence of drones in the world, Causey Aviation Unmanned is excited to be on the front end of this innovative technology. We look forward to sharing more about the growing job market in the drone delivery field.

This virtual program will be open to students from across North Carolina and will be presented on March 22 at 1pm.

Additonal Information

Career Cluster

Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

Target Audience

Middle School


Up to 50

Delivery Mechanism