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Champ Camp – Najam Usmani



The Champ Camp is a group of local and national business & community leaders committed to helping today’s young adults navigate the complex world of business and entrepreneurship. We are equipping the next generation of America with interpersonal skills not taught through institutionalized higher education.

Najam has a comprehensive leadership background. He managed combined assets and revenues of more than $100 million. He has hired, trained, and influenced over 2700 employees in a 25-year corporate & entrepreneurial career. He serves as a board of advisors for Steve Smith foundation, supports over 20 different local and international community service organization. He is a member of the Consular Corps College, and the World Affairs Council. He states, “Our legacy is always ahead not behind us” and this is how he approaches every day of his life.

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Career Cluster

Business, Management & Administration, Education & Training, Marketing, Sales & Service

Target Audience

Elementary, Middle School, High School, Post Secondary, Adult Learners, Disconnected Youth, Exceptional Learners, Educators



Delivery Mechanism

In-School, Virtual