CATEGORY:Career Fairs

Career Fair Attendee/Panelist

PROVIDED BY: Individual; Architectural Designer


I love sharing what I do on a daily basis. Architecture is unique and challenging but incredibly rewarding. I learn new things every day and am constantly in collaboration with other creative minds that help me to grow as a designer.

As a career fair attendee/panelist, I would be happy to share my experience as an architectural designer and the path that led me to this profession. I also remember what it was like to be a student and the uncertainty that comes with choosing a career path. I remember having doubts and a lot of questions, and I know I wasn't alone in feeling that way. I would love to provide some comfort to students who may be interested in architecture, by listening to their hopes and dreams, answering their questions, and providing them with the resources that I have to help them make the right decision for them.

Additonal Information

Career Cluster

Architecture & Construction

Target Audience

Elementary, Middle School, High School, Post Secondary, Adult Learners, Disconnected Youth, Exceptional Learners, Educators



Delivery Mechanism

Employer Worksite, In-School, Virtual