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5 Money Musts Game

PROVIDED BY: Fidelity Investments


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Five Money Musts is a game created by Fidelity to teach you about managing money in the real world. In this game you’ll be asked to make financial decisions. Based on the decisions you make, you’ll (hopefully) earn points. The better your decisions, the more points you’ll earn. The goal is to get through a month and grab the most points you can.

How to play

You’ll be scored in five categories — Budgeting, Retirement, Investing, Credit, and Debt.

Rather than make decisions for yourself, you’ll play for a fictitious college grad named Taylor. We know that you may not encounter all the situations presented by the game in your own life. Try to think of it as advising a friend. And remember, you’re not in this alone — along the way you’ll find little hints to help you make smart choices, as well as a glossary you can use during the game to learn more about things that aren’t familiar.

Keep in mind:

In addition to being scored on the decisions you make, you’re also going to be scored based on how happy you make Taylor. Remember, life is about balance, so don’t think you can win by simply not spending any money.

At certain points, you might be hit with warnings for doing things like spending all of Taylor’s money, or using a credit card too often.

At the end of the game you’ll be graded on all five categories. You can dig deeper to see what you did right. Or see where things went off the rails.

Don’t like your score? Feel free to play again. Because unlike real life, Five Money Musts comes with as many do overs as you want.

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