2021 Students@Work – Red Hat



Red Hat is offering three possible topics that your school can choose from:

Diversity in STEM, including:

  • what do we mean by "Diversity in STEM"?
  • why is it important
  • portraits of some Red Hatters from underrepresented groups in STEM and what they've learned)

Non-traditional Career Paths to STEM, including:

  • How do people from fields like design, english, and psychology end up in STEM work?  
  • What skills and experiences did Red Hatters find most useful when you moved into STEM?  (writing? communications? problem analysis, etc.?)
  • How are roles evolving -- in what ways are roles that have not been seen as STEM in the past now requiring STEM skill sets (like data management and analysis)?, etc.

Introduction to Open Source Principles (and how they can apply in education), including:

  • Explanations of the open source principles: meritocracy, community, collaboration, early & often, and transparency
  • Examples of how those principles play out in situations students will have seen
  • How open source principles drive Red Hat's business



Additonal Information

Career Cluster

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Target Audience

Middle School


Up to 25

Delivery Mechanism