The Navigator is an online marketplace that makes it easier for NC educators and workforce development professionals to connect students and job seekers with real-world learning opportunities. The Navigator was developed through a generous partnership with Fidelity Investments.

The platform operates like an online shopping experience, only everything on the Navigator is free. The inventory is made up of “resources”, employer-offered work-based learning experiences ranging from guest speakers, to job shadowing, to apprenticeship. Employers post resources, educators and workforce teams search for and request those resources.

We are working on creating direct access for students, but currently all requests need to be made through a public school educator.

The Navigator platform was developed by the North Carolina Business Committee For Education (NCBCE) in partnership with Fidelity Investments and the Office of the Governor. Inquire at ncbceadmin@nc.gov to learn how your state can leverage the Navigator.

Educators: Access through your NC edCloud account.
Employers and workforce development organizations fill out the quick sign-up form at wblnavigator.org/web/organization-signup-form. Once the form is submitted, businesses/organizations will go through an approval process verifying you are a legitimate entity. After you are approved, you will receive an email with a password reset prompt. If someone from your organization has already signed up, please contact your company administrator to request access.

Work-based learning directly addresses North Carolina’s growing need for skilled workers by providing students and job seekers with opportunities to engage in career awareness, career exploration and career experiences. These activities connect classroom learning with real-world learning ensuring North Carolinians are better prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

It is ok to decline a request. Educators realize businesses cannot fulfill every request.

That depends on the demand in your area. From our experience, a business can expect each resource posted to be requested 3 to 4 times a year. Educators are busy and only have certain times of the year to engage with businesses. Typically, those months are September through early December and January through April. Remember you can decline a request from an educator.

Yes, you can remove a resource at any time; however, instead of deleting a resource, we advise you mark your resources as private. Only you will be able to see a private resource.  This will keep the information available to you if you decide to make it public again. When you decided you have time to engage with schools, simply change your resource back to public and educators will be able to view and request.

We ask businesses to contact educators within 10 business days. If it has been longer, please contact us at admin@wblnavigator.org or call 919-814-2020.

A square logo fits best into the space but if your logo does not fit, we will make it work. We check weekly for logos that do not fit the space correctly and change them to fit into the space. The look of your logo will not be altered in the process.

  1. Donations of office furniture for career centers
  2. Financial support for field trips/industry tours
  3. Donations for Business apparel/shirts/jackets
  4. Monetary support for state and national competition winners and participants
  5. Donations of food/refreshments for various school events (mock interviews/career fair participants/fund raising events/prom/socials/community service events)
  6. Portfolios for seniors who are graduating
  7. Academic Planners for students
  8. Professional dress seminars
  9. Dress for Success Closets
  10. Local and state competition – judges

We do not sell or share business information with any other organizations.

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